About NYC School of Data

NYC School of data is a community driven conference with a focus on open data, civic technology, and service design.

Since 2010, we have organized an annual community conference. Sometimes it was an unconference. Other times, it was a community hackathon. Through the years, we have held space for NYC’s technology + government + civics to intersect.

At NYC School of Data, we see data is the cornerstone of the digital century. We cannot talk about society, government, nor technology without discussing the ramifications of how data is used to manage, maintain, surveil, or legislate.

NYC School of Data empowers attendants to improve their lives and neighborhoods through workshops, panels, demos, and networking.

NYC School of Data is organized by BetaNYC and features programming support from New York City Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, NYC’s open data team, and open data coordinators. Our conference anchors the City’s open data week, which we advocated for and actively support.

Equality and community equity are two core components of building a vibrant civic hacker / civic technology community. By attending the NYC School of Data event, you are committing yourself to BetaNYC’s Code of Conduct & Anti-Harassment Policy.

Videos from prior years: