NYC School of Data 2022 – Save the Date!!!

We can’t wait to see you, again!

Join us for NYC School of Data 2022, a one day community conference that brings together the City’s technology, data, and design communities. It is organized by BetaNYC, with programming support from the NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA), and hosted by the Jacobs Urban Tech Hub at Cornell Tech.

The 21st Century is defined by data streams, flows, analytics, and systems evaluations. If society is the soil, technology is the plant, design is the DNA, and data is the fruit. Yet data doesn’t not always capture the human condition. Data within our society is a reflection of systems, processes, bureaucracies, and reports. We cannot fully understand government operations without discussing how technology and data are used to manage, maintain, monitor, and evaluate human conditions. 

For the last twelve years, NYC School of Data and its predecessor conferences have built a framework of relationships that have successfully demystified data and technology, fostered participatory democracy, built cross-borough relationships, and mentored the next generation of civic leaders.

Through workshops, panels, demos, and networking, NYC School of Data is our way to celebrate good applications, a platform to discuss improvements, and a classroom to empower New Yorkers to improve their own neighborhoods.

Join us to build new connections, learn skills and enhance your community. We will provide you a safe space to discuss open data, digital services, civic technology, analytics, smart cities, open government, and digital transformation. Also, let us kick off International Open Data Day and NYC’s Open Data Week with a bang!

On Saturday, March 5, we are curating 38 sessions.

On Sunday, March 6 we are hosting an unconference and discotech (discovering technology) fair where YOU program the conference!

We hope to see you at the NYC School of Data 2022, a community-driven conference that demystifies data and technology, fosters democracy, and builds a new generation of civic leaders.

ALSO, We’re co-hosting NYC Open Data Week 2022

NYC Open Data Week is a week-long festival of community-driven events organized and hosted by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics and BetaNYC, with support from Cornell Tech’s Urban Tech Hub.

Since March 2012, thousands of New Yorkers have traversed the five boroughs to celebrate the City’s Open Data Law. This year, we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the City’s open data law on March 7. Coincidentally, the first weekend of March is also International Open Data Day. Together, we use both dates to kick off NYC’s Open Data Week and increase civic engagement with our municipal open data.

This year, Cornell Tech’s Jacobs Urban Tech Hub will join us to anchor our flagship conference — NYC School of Data, and host daily Open Data Week events. 

Join us for seminars, workshops, classes, and conversations. Throughout the week, our friends at Data Though Design will be holding their annual art exhibit informed by NYC Open Data.

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