How to watch from home!



We’re really excited about this weekend! Our team has been working hard and we’ve realized that we’re at capacity. If you bought a ticket via eventbrite, you are golden.

If you RSVP’ed via meetup and didn’t buy an eventbrite ticket, you can watch from home and join us on twitter!

Thanks to the Internet Society of New York, we will live stream the main stage’s conversations and presentations. Starting at 10 am ET on Saturday, 5 March join us via YouTube at < >.

For the day, we’ll have a real-time “backchannel” via BetaNYC’s slack. You can request an invite via < >. Once you have registered, you can log into slack at < > and join the #nycsodata channel.

Our hashtag is #nycSoData & we will be tweeting from @nycSoData. Please tweet, retweet, follow, & hashtag away!

Don’t forget this weekend is a global celebration of #OpenData & #CivicTech. Check out the hashtags #OpenDataDay & #CodeAcross for a global celebration of open data!

Thanks Internet Society of New York!

Posted March 03, 2016 in: Blog by noneck